Here are some of our customers:

Charlie Musselwhite - is a living legend and a true master of the harmonica.

RJ Mischo - “Mischo far surpasses many better known at Harp Driven Blues.” - Living Blues Magazine

Adam Gussow - As a blues harmonica player and teacher, Adam Gussow has few peers in the business.

Grady Champion - 2010 International Blues Challenge winner is a Mississippi blues man and an awesome performer.

Collard Greens and Gravy - is an awesome trio with a unique sound; Ian Collard is a fantastic harp player who will inspire you.

Carlos del Junco - "Really outstanding. Carlos del Junco is happening!!!!!" - Charlie Musselwhite

Andy Santana - is a great harp player and plays with the best musicians on the west coast; check him out.

Ryan Hartt - is a very talented harp player with shades of William Clarke; you cannot go wrong with his CDs.

Steve Marriner - is widely recognized as Canada's premier harp player; his music will certainly have you rocking.

Jimi Lee - harmonica, guitar, vocals, songwriter, teacher, solo artist, band leader, and entertainer; an awesome talent.

Marco Balland
French Rock Harmonica Sensation Marko Balland... AKA the Jimi Hendrix of Harp

Christelle Berthon
French Queen of harp Christelle Berthon - A fantastic and versatile talent, not to mention the most viewed harp player on YouTube

Jair Silviera
Brazilian musician Jair Silviera... Spreading the blues in South America

Andy J Forest - www.myspace.com/andyjforestband

Cheryl Arena - www.cherylarena.com

Brian Brazil - www.bluesmanharmonica1.com

Daddy Rich - www.sites.google.com/site/daddyrichbluespage

Alejandro Alvarez - www.ale-alvarez.com.ar

Christian Maret - www.fonkitur2.bandcamp.com

Josh Nesius - www.badcaddy.com

David Tanganelli - www.davidtanganelli.com

Dave Nevling - www.davenevling.com

Daniel Jorg - www.theroyalhangmen.ch and www.drunkenshrimps.ch

Jooce Garrett - www.thejazzcowboy.com

Aníbal Repetto - www.anibalrepetto.blogspot.com.ar/

Guillaume Robin - g.robin.lesite.free.fr/ and www.facebook.com/guillaumerobin.officiel

Zoltan Tibor Szabo-Taylor - www.thedamnedcrows.com

Robert "Bobby Blackhat" Walters - www.bobbyblackhat.com

Randy Singer - www.RandySinger.com

TJ Klay - www.tjklay.com

Freddie Vanderford - www.reverbnation.com/FreddieVanderfordpiedmontblues

Doug Bush - www.joeleebushshow.com and www.reverbnation.com/thejoeleebushbluesgroup

Donald Destefano - www.thebernadettes.com

Paul "Digger" Tozzi - www.harp-for-hire.com/

David Hoerl - www.twisters.ca  and www.davehoerl.bandzoogle.com/home.cfm 

Donnie MorTone - www.myspace.com/donniemortone and www.angelfire.com/blues/williamclarke

Mats Rosen - www.myspace.com/themississippisaxophone

Rob Roy Parnell - www.www.robroyparnell.com

Joe O'Callaghan - www.hotguitarsband.com

Bruce Bongers - www.wix.com/bbongers/bruce-jr-bongers

Tony Westlake - www.myspace.com/harpletunnel

Michael W. Thompson - www.blue-haven.com

Ron Sunshine - www.ronsunshine.com

Ray Ybarra - www.myspace.com/littleraytexasblues

David Burden - www.inthewhisperingpines.com

Jorge Gener Parreño - www.myspace.com/harmonicageorge

Boris Plotnikov - www.myspace.com/harmonicaboris

Rocky Denny - www.rockydenney.com

Joe Lee Bush - www.joeleebushshow.com

Steve Lindstrom - www.myspace.com/thegustobrothers

Bill Frain - www.myspace.com/billfrainmusic

Johan Hörnfeldt - www.myspace.com/harmonicaslimii

Bernardo Barrera - www.facebook.com/sptereotactyle

Corrin Huddleston - www.corrinhuddleston.com

Charles Brame - www.myspace.com/crystalblueproject and www.reverbnation.com/crystalblueproject

Ross Macdonald - www.sassparillapdx.com and www.myspace.com/sassparillajugband

Nathan Dawson - www.rubesandthehi-rollers.com

Jamie Symons - www.myspace.com/blindlemonblues

David Chalumeau - www.myspace.com/davidchalumeau

Maureen Miller - www.thechickps.com

Adri Matheussen - www.thevindicatorsband.com/

Uwe Rademacher - www.myspace.com/helmashelmets and www.myspace.com/doublebblues

Randy Panas - www.mapleroadbluesband.com

Patrick Ellis - www.thebluefrogband

Vince Flora - www.bigvinceandthephatcats.com

Christof Knoche - www.myspace.com/xtofharp

Chas Lewis - www.thesouthside.org

Michael Funk - www.myspace.com/harphawk

Hugh Holmes - www.professorharp.com

Joe O'Callaghan - www.myspace.com/hotguitarscork

David Berntson - www.crossroadslearning.org

Juan Blas Becerra - www.myspace.com/503427299

Gabriel Cedra - www.mupiz.com/gabriel-cedra

Jimmy Sweetwater - www.jimsweetwater.com

Rob Wilkinson - www.crybabyhoochiecoochieboys.com

Heiner Krüger - www.bluesharmonica.de

Mike Hoover - www.hurricanehoover.com

Kari Viitanen - www.myspace.com/kariviitanen

Calle Månsson - www.myspace.com/bluestrangers

Sergi Escriuman - www.myspace.com/tmrockets (Sergi is using a guitar version of the Harp Delay in his band The Midnight Rockets.)

Jeffrey DeLong - www.myspace.com/thegregallenband

Andi Martin - www.myspace.com/andimartinbluesharp

Chuck Luscombe - www.thirstyperchbluesband.com

Frand Rihm - www.rihmshots.com

Timothy David Severns - www.myspace.com/timothydavidseverns

Steve Cobb - www.myspace.com/thereverendstevelucifer

David "Snakeman" Runyan - www.myspace.com/snakemansblues

Rob Jeukens - www.booznblues.com

Pere Puertas - www.myspace.com/thesuitcasebrothers (Pere is now using a guitar version of the Lone Wolf Delay on guitar and his brother on harp uses a Harp Delay.)

Wally Crowder - www.wallycrowder.com

Stevie Bulger - www.145street.com and www.myspace.com/145thStreet (Where the Blues live)

Stefan Dafgard - http://web.comhem.se/~u62302887/

Steve Parker - www.ELEMENTjams.net and www.mypace.com/ELEMENTjams

Chris Hammond - www.jumpdaddies.com (Jump Daddies are a jumpin', jivin', wailing good time. A mixture of swing, jazz, and jump that'll set your feet to dancing.)

Chris Millspaugh - http://www.chrismillspaugh.com/Red-Lefty-CD-packaging (Swingin' blues from Lawrence, KS)

Rick Webb - www.myspace.com/rutabaga1 and www.myspace.com/hipsauce

Billy James - www.myspace.com/thedeltaampsbluesband and www.myspace.com/billyjamesstiffie

James Day - www.jameswday.com

Tim Corbett - www.gentlemantim.com

Arne Hedberg- www.brosbrothers.se

Gus Olmos - www.theusedblues.com

Andre Fredette - www.soulsetters.com (Soulsetters Rockin' Blues Band)

Dale Boschke - www.southendbluesband.com

Buzz Andrews - www.buzzandrews.com

Freddie Vanderford - www.myspace.com/FreddieVanderford

Alan Doyle - www.smokehouselightning.com

Roger Johanson - www.tangerinemastering.com ("My studio is one of the best studios for mastering your BLUES CD."

Vegt Ruurd van der - www.bluesox.nl

Pedro Squella - www.myspace.com/chiliredhot

David Krauss - www.bluedrivers.com

Boom Boom Steve V. - www.myspace.com/boomboomstevev

Rev. Walter Herleman - www.howlindogma.com and www.cdbaby.com/whahd

Howard Parks - www.myspace.com/hdparks

BlueSpice Venk - www.myspace.com/harpdad

John Mirabella - www.myspace.com/offthewall2008

Guy DeRosa - www.myspace.com/guydeguy

Thomas Schied - www.myspace.com/thomasschiedbluesharp

Mark Grandfield - www.myspace.com/highkingsofblue

For questions or comments, email us at customerservice@lonewolfblues.com