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The harp Train 40 is a 40 watt head that is designed for the harp player who wants a great vintage tone and have the flexibility of customizing their own speaker cab or using the 4x10 cab that we offer. The tone of this amp is clear, loud and ballsy with plenty of overdrive compression and bottom end while maintaining the integrety of the full frequency spectrum. The controls consist of Loudness, Balls and Tone; it is extremely easy to dial in a great tone. One of the unique aspects of this amp is the "BALLS" circuit, which is a boost that includes bass and lower midrange frequencies. The lower mids are included in the boost circuit because this is actually where most of the lower frequencies are in harp. This method also allows you to keep your highs so that you end up with a balanced frequency spectrum that provides wall to wall tone. You will find that most of the gain in the BALLS control occurs in the first 50% of the control. The Tone circuit is a balanced single knob tone control circuit that provides a much better tonal response than a treble cut circuit. The Harp Train 40 amplifier weighs just 19 pounds, it is 8" tall, 7.5" wide and 13.5" long.

The tube compliment is one JJ 12AX7 one JJ 12AY7 and two JJ 6L6GC's, the rectifier is solid state to prevent sag and improve articulation and cut. A solid state recetifier provides for a punchier response, while a tube rectifier softens response. There are three controls, LOUDNESS (or volume), BALLS (bass boost) and TONE and a GAIN switch to make the amp suitable for a varaity of microphones. There is one input and 2, 4 and 8 ohm outputs. The amp has an adjustable bias that is set by us for optimum power and tone. The amp is switchable from 120v US applications to 220v for Euro applications and comes with a carry case.

The speaker cabinet has 4 x 10" Lone Wolf Blues Co speakers, the speaker is propietary and is chosen to have just the right amount of breakup and a low-fi type of vintage tone, we also offer Weber speakers as an option, The Weber speakers produce more definition in the mids and highs. The speaker cabinet is 8 ohms impedance, has an open back design, and comes with a dust cover. The cab wheighs 37 pounds, it is 24" wide, 23.5" tall, 10" deep at the base and 9" deep at the top, the same dimensions as a Fender Bassman and is sold separately

Shipping will be UPS Ground, shipping size for the head is: Weight 19 lb, Depth 14", Width 18", Height 13" (measurements of the box, not the actual amp itself). Shipping size for the 4x10 cab is: Weight 44 lb, Depth 15", Width 27", Height 28" (measurements of the box, not the actual cab itself). The head and the cab ship separately, we ship from Zip Code 70403 and you can calculate shipping here.

40 Watts of Fat Overdriven Tone
BALLS Control
TONE Control
VOLUME Control
2, 4 and 8 Ohm Outputs
PCB Design
Voiced for Harmonica
Preamp GAIN Switch
Solid State Rectifier
JJ Tubes
Dust Cover

We offer an industry leading 1 Year parts and labor warranty on manufacturing defects and part failure.


Ian Collard writes:
"The harp train 10 is my benchmark for harp tone and the harp train 40 to me loosely speaking is like a louder version. What I really like is the sharp slap I can get from chords when Iím only playing very lightly and then good crunch when I play a bit louder, I guess overall youíd say itís very responsive."

Brian Brazil writes:
"Thank you for making another super product for Harmonica Players. Iíve been using the Harp Train 40 amp consistently for the past 4 months during rehearsals and gigs at bars, nightclubs and outdoor events. Itís held its own very well without any problems. It cuts through the mix with plenty of volume, tone and punch. I can get a lot of different varieties of tones that sound great no matter where I play. It runs cooler due to the venting of the power head. That helps the tubes last longer. Having the head separate also makes the amp easier to move because the weight is divided, instead being in one cabinet. I also like the fact that it doesnít look like all the other 4 x 10 tweed amps."

HT 40 carry case     HT 40 front view     HT40 rear view     4x10 cab     4x10 cab rear     Ht 40

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