Big Road Blues - Experienced harp players welcome you and are eager to help.
Amps n More - Great amp forum dedicated to harp amps.
Duncan Amps Forum - Dedicated to tube amps.
AX84 Forum - Good forum for the beginner and the experienced builder. Focus is on guitar but very useful.

AX84 - Features a great theory document and expert advice on design and layout.
Aiken Amplification - The technical information pages contain a wealth of information including circuit explanations.
Tone Lounge - Blows the myths out of the water with solid technical explanations.
Fun with Tubes - Learn what circuits to use and how to design them. Great download here.

Adam's Amps - Check out this triode gain calculator.
Adam's Amps - Voltage divider calculator.
Bowden's Hobby Circuits - Ohms law calculator.
Experimentalists Anonymous - RC filter frequency calculator.

World of Harmonica - A who's who guide to artists, album features/reviews, gear, links, festivals, workshops and more. For all harp players, musicians, and enthusiasts.

Sugar Cains Custom Harmonicas - Offering the best in custom harmonicas, located in the UK
Blue Moon Harmonicas - Offers Custom Harmonica Combs for All Hohner, Seydel and Suzuki Diatonic Harmonicas. All Blue Moon Combs are 3D Designed and CNC Milled from the Finest Materials including Exotic Hardwoods, Aluminum, Dupont Corian, Fancy Acrylic and Brass.
HarpGear Amplification - Offers harp amps specifically voiced for harmonica players who are tired of rigging amps to kind of work for harp playing.
Jon Gindick's Harmonica Central - From his Rock 'n' Blues lesson plan to his Jam Camps, Jon offers great products and services for harp players of all stages.
Blues Harmonica - A new web-based teaching program by David Barret, leading the way in every facet of blues harmonica education for over twenty years.
Harmonica Masterclass - Dave Barret offers the most extensive lesson plan available for harp players. From lessons to workshops to jam tracks, his innovative step-by-step process will get you to where you want to be.
BlowsMeAway Productions - Offers gorgeous wooden mics, in-line volume controls, mods, repairs, amps. Total control when you perform.
Ron Sunshine - Why buy an untested mic from eBay, when Ron offers a wide variety of tested vintage mics?
Harmonica Academy - Where "everyone plays" is a creation by Tony Eyers who has laid out an excellent teaching site; hear it, then play it. Also available in Spanish at Tocar Armonica - Online harmonica lessons in Spanish.

Seydel Harmonicas
C.A. Seydel Söhne - To make inspiring music there is no need for a big instrument, but a great one! Endorsed by Charlie Musslewhite, Mark Hummel, PT Gazell, and many more.
The World of Fossy - Offers you a choice of harmonicas for beginners right through to professional players. Located in the UK.
Harmonica Master - Located in BRAZIL, Harmonica Master is the number one retail outlet for harmonica gear.
Harmonicas Direct - The UK's premier harmonica retailer, established in 1994, and now offers Lone Wolf Blues Co. effect pedals.
Harp Elite - In ITALY, Harp Elite knows what harp players want, including Lone Wolf effect pedals.
Harp Attack Harmonica - AUSTRALIA's renowned harmonica teacher and Lone Wolf retailer, Brad Capper.
Bonnaventure Harmonica - In FRANCE, your online shop dedicated to the small world of the ruin-chops
GERMANY - Musik Schlaile , Germany's complete music source now stocks Lone Wolf Blues Company effect pedals.
JAPAN - LEP International , now stocks Lone Wolf Blues Company effect pedals.

Fox Amps - NETHERLANDS, Specialing in building, modding and repairing harp amps and now offering LWBC pedals. - In SWEDEN, Specialing in customized harmonicas and your supplier for Seydel and Lone Wolf Blues Co products.

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