harp amp    harp tube amp    harp tube amp

This amp is a "parts box amp." It is built primarily from parts out of an old stereo amp chassis, a cheap output transformer (like real vintage amps), and an old 6L6 tube. The caps, tube sockets, and pots are new of course. The chassis is mounted in the bottom of the cab like in the olden days, and the speaker is an 8" Weber Signature series with a Harp Dustcap.

The cab is an old Vietnam era 7.62mm ammo crate, which fit perfectly, and if you ask me, I think it looks cool. It is not traditional, but it certainly is original. Anyone can take this idea and expand on it. Instead of having yet another tweeded Champ clone, be original.

Because the 6L6 is not a "GC," this amp is set up for 8 watts. It has the same preamp circuitry and biases, so it produces the same Lone Wolf tone as the others.

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